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Conference Recap: Religion and Politics in Early America

Jonathan Den Hartog

I've just returned from the Religion and Politics in Early America Conference in St. Louis, and I'm still processing all the great ideas that emerged.

First, the important details: the Conference was convened by the Society of Early Americanists, and the conference organizer was Abram Van Engen, who did a fantastic job in organizing and executing the event. The conference was hosted by Washington University, and significant funding came from the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics at Washington University and the Kinder Institute at the University of Missouri.

My head-line impression was the significant interest the conference generated. There was significant buzz before the conference convened, and the expectations were well met. The conference had great attendance, with attendees ranging from graduate students to very established scholars. The sessions were full of interested audiences. The success of the conference indicated to me the critic…

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